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When we have received your complaint we will acknowledge receipt within 2 working days and a special reference number will be produced and used in any future correspondence from the Complaints Commissioner (Ombudsman). With this number, you would be able to conveniently check on the status of your complaint at any given time.

The Ombudsman will then appropriately assess your complaint and determine whether to investigate it or not. This decision is not automatic as we must ensure that the complaint falls within the terms of our governing statute (The Complaints Commissioner Act 2003). We must have jurisdiction to investigate the specific problem. The Commissioner, in his determination, may find that your grievance should first be referred to a more suitable agency for investigation; or he may try informally to get the matter cleared up through communication with the department involved. If the Commissioner does decide not to investigate your grievance, he will give a reason in writing as to why.

When the Commissioner is satisfied that the complaint is valid, then a full investigation is conducted and appropriate recommendations are made. In suitable cases, the Commissioner may propose formal mediation between you and the agency as the best means to resolve your grievance. Throughout the process we update you regularly on the progress of the investigation and at the end we inform you what we found and recommended.

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The Complaint Process

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