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Remember, the principal function of the Commissioner or Ombudsman is to investigate any action taken by a public body or department of Government in the exercise of its administrative functions when that action is brought to his attention by an aggrieved person.

Persons can complain that they had been treated unfairly or improperly discriminated against; for example, they had been denied a benefit that others in the same position got, for no good reason. A complaint might be that a government officer had kept a member of the public waiting much too long for an important response; or that the officer had been rude, or unreasonable, or had made a mistake. All of these faults are termed "maladministration", the opposite of good or sound administration.

The Complaints Commissioner advises that you first try to resolve the matter with the specific agency concerned before you involve the Commission, giving the department or agency a chance to respond correctly to the cause of the complaint.

A complaint can be submitted to us via this website, by letter, in person, by fax or email.

All complaints must be signed.