No Firm Decision on New Complaints Commissioner

Monday, 1st September 2014 by

The search for a Successor



Consultations are being held for the successor of the Complaints Commissioner and in the meantime, Mr. Elton Georges has been asked to function for another three months.
Mr. Georges was expected to retire in February of this year, but was asked to serve until August. However, he told reporters at a press conference on September 1 that he was since asked to hold the post until November 30.

The Complaints Commissioner refrained from commenting on the way forward for the Office, saying that he leaves that to his successor; who he also said that he will be leaving recommendations for. As it relates to advice for the holder of the post, Mr. Georges said that he will advice the next Complaints Commissioner to expect imprudent results and to just keep pressing on. He also said that he hopes that his successor gets one or two additional staff as staff shortage hindered the Office from doing more independent investigations.

In explaining the delay for the appointment of the new Commissioner, Mr. Georges disclosed that the position was advertised late last year and that applications were sent in; and by the end of January a panel was set up to examine the applications. He said that the delay occurred because of the busyness of the panellist who were only able to shortlist the finalists in June. As such, it was disclosed that the Governor was given the list of suitable candidates in July, and since then consultation has begun.