Dont Expect Immediate Results Georges

Friday, 5th September 2014 by

Complaints Commissioner Elton Georges leaves a few words of advice for his Successor

Mr. Elton Georges PhotoBVI Platinum News 

As Mr. Elton Georges prepares to relinquish the post of Complaints Commissioner in November, he has left a rather simple advice to his successor, who is likely to be appointed by the Governor in the coming weeks.

"One piece of advice I can impart to my successor, it would be don't expect immediate results, but just keep pressing on regardless," he told reporters.

Reflecting on the past five years as the Territory's first Complaints Commissioner, Georges noted that the success of the office depended heavily on the quality of
service that it produced, especially in the first years.

He stated that it is becoming clearer that moving the office forward and improving services offered by Government is a marathon rather than a sprint, a slow grind rather than a cakewalk.

"My vision of the office is that it is one that aims to improve the overall quality of public administration as officials come to learn, or rather, to be reminded through investigations and the reports and recommendations that follow, of the standards that they should meet in their dealings with people,” Georges noted.

He believes that the office has done a decent job of informing and educating the public with the press being the main resource in this endeavour.

Georges explained that there has been fair success in having members of the public use the office, but not quite enough.

"We have indications of a great number of justified complaints out there that don’t make it to us for various reasons. On the other hand, we are stretched nearly to capacity because of the number of approaches in relation to the small staff," Georges said.

He added, "Commensurate with its mandate and resources, the Commission, in my view, had had a positive impact in nudging service standards in the right direction and providing a voice for the sometimes voiceless. We have striven to bring service charters back into the conversation and have had some success in getting Government agencies to improve their own attitude towards and handling of complaints, which is itself an important element in raising service standards."