My Office Is Not Your Enemy New CC The newly appointed Complaints Commissioner that her office is not the enemy.7/1/2015 Report Raises Volume On Noise Control Final report from former Complaints Commissioner Mr. Elton Georges7/1/2015 Gvmt encroachment on privately owned lands concern Elton Georges says residents complain of not being informed or compensated7/1/2015 Govt put on blast for ignoring Freedom of Info Act former Complaints Commissioner Elton Georges said the documents gathering dust7/1/2015 The Office Is Your Ally Sheila Braithwaite The Office Is Your Ally Sheila Braithwaite Complaints Commissioner6/30/2015 Georges honoured as stalwart Disaster Management When his name was called yesterday June 25, 2015 to step forward to be honoured by the Department of Disaster Management DDM, outgoing Complaints Commissioner Mr Elton Georges, CMG, OBE took almost thirty seconds before he could have lifted a foot6/26/2015 New Complaints Commissioner Appointed Sheila Brathwaite Appointed New Complaints Commissioner5/4/2015 EDITORIAL Child support system needs reform EDITORIAL Child support system needs reform4/15/2015 Complaints Commissioner Educates Govt. Agencies Office Of The Complaints Commissioner Educates Agencies On Its Role 4/2/2015 After Complaint, Peebles to improve Communication Ombudsman calls for patients charter3/26/2015 Hospital learns lesson after probe Lack of effective communication lead to parents claim of undue pressure under which they were placed to have their sick child transferred to an overseas hospital. 3/19/2015 Ombudsman announces temporary addition to staff The Complaints Commission is pleased to announce that Mrs. Noreen CallwoodLewis, Employee Assistance Programme Counsellor II, has joined the Commission as of 10th November on a job rotation assignment for a period of 3 months in the first instance.12/3/2014 Man waits over 30 years to be compensated for land Man waits over 30 years to be compensated for land seized by govt10/13/2014 Visitor waited year for police report on drowning. A visitor whose wife drowned in Jost Van Dyke has complained about the relatively lengthy wait endured while trying to secure a police report about the 2012 tragedy.10/8/2014 Commish wants to clarify belongership issues After observing a steady stream of unclear reports from public officials, journalists and commentators, Complaints Commissioner Elton Georges met with the press on Monday to try to clarify the Virgin Islands complex nationality and citizenship framework.9/29/2014 Complaints commission making steady progress In its first five years, the Complaints Commission has done excellent work advocating for good governance in the Virgin Islands.9/10/2014 Dont Expect Immediate Results Georges Complaints Commissioner Elton Georges leaves a few words of advice for his Successor9/5/2014 Are legistlators pussyfooting with Bill asks CC Lots of complaints against Lawyers face Complaints Commission People need recourse 9/4/2014 No Firm Decision on New Complaints Commissioner The search for a Successor9/1/2014 Like on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter The perfect way for you to keep up to date with us...Latest Newsletter5/14/2014
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